Who I am and why I’m here…

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I spent April vacation week folding paper into 50 of these little guys. Three months later, crane chain finished! (I’m pretty pathetic…)

Rapid-fire information… GO!

I’m Ana from the United States, and I am currently transitioning from sophomore to junior year in high school. I am actively a part of my school’s Tri-M music honor society (1 year), orchestra (2 years), chamber orchestra (2 years), and tennis team (2 years). In the past, I played in concert band (1 year), jazz band (2 years), marching band (1 year), chorus (3 years), danced with a local company (6 years), participated in Peer Mediation (2 years), and studied French (4 years and continuing). Next year, I will be continuing my French studies as well as taking AP US History, AP Economics and AP American Literature with orchestra and all honors Pre-Calculus, and Chemistry. Outside of the classroom, I work at my local library as a Page (1 year and continuing), play classical piano (6 years and continuing), study Mandarin (2 months and continuing), as well as take private tennis lessons (2 years and continuing).

That is a lot of numbers, so I’ll stop listing my credits.

On the other hand, I’m an INTJ and INFJ (maybe even a P somewhere in there… sometimes even an E… occasionally an S). If you’re familiar with the Myers & Briggs personality classification system, you might be asking how I can be both… and so am I. I fall exactly in between “feeling” and “thinking” (this is why I am always “over analyzing”, and no, mom, I will not stop). I am constantly exploring levels of consciousness and aspects of humanity through different personality lenses (I will definitely post something about this later). My life is rather busy (*cough* ↑ *cough*), and it regularly takes a toll on my mental health, since I analyze everything obsessively (see the problem?). I frequently have bazarre thoughts about life and the inevitability of death, so I figured that instead of wigging out my friends, I’d post them online for strangers to read!

It’s all extremely complicated (after all, humans never fit into one, solitary category), so I’m simply here to express my observations while I sit quietly (and blissfully) as a wallflower.


2 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here…

  1. Hey there! A mutual friend of ours shared a link to your blog and I’m probably a little too excited to discover a fellow INFJ (granted i’m not also INTJ), blogger, academic, sophomore-almost-junior, piano player (although you definitely seem to have a lot more accomplishments 🙂 )…also the fact that someone my own age would start a blog to talk about varying aspects of humanity and bizarre thoughts about life is super cool. All that to say your blog seems pretty awesome and I’m slightly jealous of your ability to make an about page sound natural…


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